Friday, 4 January 2013

Global Baking.

If you recall from my entry Free Time to Have a Sip, I have a couple of friends who I have inadvertently involved in my project. Also, keep in mind that these two lovelies are sisters. Recently they made a trip to New York city together. The Stand Mixer Lender so thoughtfully brought me a sleeve of macarons from a shop on Madison avenue. They were tasty and beautiful and I felt fancy eating them.
A couple of days ago, her sister, The Friend Formerly Known as a Skeptic moved into a new appartment in the Greater Toronto area. When it came time to move the goods from her freezer, she came upon the macaron she helped me make months earlier that she had brought home in her luggage and tucked away into the freezer for a rainy day and had forgotten about. It got pretty squished and she said it was slightly freezer burnt but she ate it anyway. 
I would also like to remind you of my post A Mother's Love in which my mother brought me macarons from Vancouver. Add to that my own search in Las Vegas, Europe and elsewhere as well as other friends who have told me about how they've been inspired to start their own searches abroad. On top of that, I've got readers ranging from a group in an office in Toronto (check out Steve, who emailed me, put his office's work like this: "a nutritional campaign for students in Toronto. The campaign takes a different approach to teaching healthy eating by engaging first and educating second." Very neat. I can get behind that. Check out their site. I have and it's fun.) and from as far away as Thailand.

With love from Madison Avenue, NYC
Why, you ask, am I telling you this? Well it occurred to be that my quest to make the perfect macaron (as well as eat some delicious ones along the way) has a bit of an international spin wherein french macarons are doing quite a bit of air travel because of it and being searched for and eaten all over the place. For a project that originally started out as my own paper journal of what went right and what went wrong, this has turned into a really fun, much larger project than I had expected with a few thousand more reads than I ever would of imagined. Thanks everyone for making this so much fun. Stay tuned as I continue my quest. xoxo