Monday, 12 March 2012

Day One: failure

Last Saturday I fell in love. I ate my first French Macaron. It was chewy and creamy and i was instantly obsessed. I decided I was going to learn to make these beautiful little confections and become known by my family and friends as the master of French Macarons.
Research was step one. Everything I read said that the meringue portion was a hard thing to get right and i thought, "pfft, how hard can it be?" Quite, as it turns out. Being that i could only find 200g of almond powder and the recipe called for 300g, i thought i'd just cut the recipe into 2/3. Somewhere along the way, my math failed me. My math was fine though when i calculated that i had to throw out 5.48$ worth of almond flour, 200g of confectioners sugar and 3 egg whites. Sigh.

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